Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students In The UK 2023

Searching for Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students In The UK?

Many international students have got difficult questions in their minds. What are the best part-time jobs for international students in Uk? So here is a list of the best part-time jobs for international students in the UK.

What are the best part-time jobs for international students in the UK? Following is some valuable guidance and advice on the best part-time jobs for international students in Uk to help you find and eventually get job approval.

Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students In The UK
Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students In The UK

If you’re planning to study abroad, it’s important to consider all the costs associated with your education. Studying in a foreign country can be expensive, especially if you live in a host country where the cost of living is higher than what you’re used to backing home.

While many grants and scholarships are available for international students, they are often competitive and difficult to obtain. In addition, most scholarships and grants require applicants to have little or no income while studying abroad, making them ineligible for work permits.

If you need money for school but can’t find an affordable way of earning it, working as an international student may be your best option for funding your studies abroad.

Working as a student is one of the best ways to make money. Not only does it help you pay for college, but it also gives you an opportunity to learn about a new career. Finding work as a student can be challenging, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, there are plenty of opportunities.

Working as a student can be rewarding and exciting but also stressful and time-consuming. You’ll need to balance school with your job and other responsibilities, so be sure that you have enough time before taking on any new jobs.

Working as a student can help you to:

  • Get out of the house

You might be surprised how much you can learn from your colleagues and the environment at work. It’s also a great way to meet new people, which can be good for your social life.

Working part-time will give you independence and allow you to meet new people outside your circle of friends at school. The socialization that comes with working won’t only benefit your personal life — It could also improve your grades! In fact, research shows that students who work fewer than 15 hours per week have better grades than those who don’t work at all.

  • Gain skills

If you work part-time, you’ll gain valuable work experience and skills that can help you in the future. This will make it easier for you to find a full-time job after graduation. The skills you learn from your part-time job could also help you find a better-paid full-time job. If your current employer offers training, this is another way of gaining new skills for your CV.

Working in an office will teach you how to use office equipment like computers and printers. You’ll also learn new skills such as answering the phone or organising meetings with customers.

  • Make friends

Working with other students can be good fun and making friends at work easy, especially if your workplace has a social club or sports team. You’ll also meet people from different backgrounds, which can help you see things from different perspectives and widen your horizons!

When you’re studying, it’s easy to feel isolated. You spend all of your time in the library or at home alone. It can be difficult to make friends and build relationships when you don’t have a lot in common with other students.

One of the best ways to make friends as a student is by working with them. Working while studying benefits you in multiple ways. You’ll make friends from different backgrounds, connect with others who share your interests, and learn new skills that will help you later on in life.

  • Make Money

One of the biggest reasons to work while in college is to earn money for school expenses and fun stuff like clothes and electronics. Working part-time will help you pay your way through college and grad school, making it easier to graduate without taking out student loans (unless you have no other choice).

Studying is a full-time job and takes a lot of time and effort. The amount of time you spend in classes and doing assignments leaves very little time for anything else, including making money.

This is where working while studying comes into play. With a part-time job, you’ll be able to make some extra cash to help pay for your education expenses.

As an added bonus, having a job while studying may also help you develop valuable skills that will help you succeed in the future. You’ll learn how to manage your time, communicate effectively with others, and work as a team. These are all valuable skills in the workplace and will serve you well when looking for jobs after graduation.

  • Gather experience

Working as a student gives you hands-on experience that can help you decide if a career path is right for you or not. You’ll get to know what it’s like to do the job and whether or not it’s something you enjoy doing every day.

Working while studying will give you valuable real-world experience that will help you in the future. Further down the line, this experience can be useful when applying for jobs or seeking promotions. You’ll also build up a network of contacts and references to call on later in your career.

When you work part-time, you’ll learn new skills that can benefit your studies and vice versa. This is because working gives you opportunities to develop transferable skills like communication, problem-solving and leadership. In turn, these skills can be applied to your studies and increase your chances of getting a good degree grade or qualification.

  • Networking opportunities.

If you work at a company that specializes in your field of study — say, computer science — then you may have access to mentors who can help guide your education path and provide valuable information about internships or jobs after graduation. They might even offer a reference letter when it comes time for graduation!

One of the main benefits of working while studying is that it helps establish a network. Many students use their work experience to create contacts and build relationships with people who are also in the same industry.

This can be useful if you want to continue your studies in the future, as many universities and colleges will consider work experience as part of their entry requirements.

Working while studying also gives you a chance to develop your skills, which may help you get a job when you graduate.


Your ability to work in the UK while studying is governed by two key constraints: those imposed by your university and those imposed by state-run official entities.

Before interacting with state officials, you must first check that your university does not have any restrictions preventing you from working. Aside from regulatory constraints, your university may depend on your study course and limit your employment hours.

International students can readily find part-time work in the UK, particularly in large cities like London. Some universities may only allow you to work on campus, but don’t fear; there are plenty of other possibilities accessible to you.

However, before you go out looking for part-time work, be sure you’re qualified. It all starts with your Tier 4 visa, the UK’s official student visa. The first thing you should look at is your age.

You cannot work in the UK if you are under the age of 16 and do not have a Tier 4 (General 4) visa.

It should be noted that these employment bans only apply to students from a single nation rather than students from the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

Citizens of the EU/EEA, including Switzerland, do not require authorization to work in the UK while studying at university.

All requirements and limitations, including the number of hours you can work each week during term time, are displayed on your Tier 4 sticker (vignette). When you get your residence permit paperwork, there will be a letter that tells you if you can work or not while you’re studying.

You can work in the UK if one of the following is indicated in that letter:

  • Work must be approved.
  • Capable of working as directed by the Secretary of State
  • Work in accordance with Tier 4 Rules
  • Restricted in the same way that Tier 4 Rules are.
  • Part-time throughout the school year, full-time over the summer.
  • Work hours are limited.
  • Term-time work is limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Term-time work is limited to a maximum of 10 hours per week.

Your passport sticker may say something different to all of the above, but if none of the following is mentioned, you are eligible to work.

  • There is no work.
  • Work is not permitted.

If none of these is clearly stated in your documentation, or you have difficulty understanding it, we recommend that you contact them directly before applying for a position.

It is important to note that if you decide to advance your studies or change your major, you may be needed to file a new immigration application. You must maintain your old immigration status until you receive a response to this new application.

Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students 2022/2023

Many international students are concerned that they lack the necessary skills to obtain work as students in another country. That is mostly incorrect because most student employment does not require special qualifications or expertise.

Furthermore, regardless of how difficult the task in job placement as a student may be, you will always be provided with assistance from an experienced employee.

But have you ever considered what kinds of jobs you might be able to acquire while studying at Leeds University?

Below is a large list of student jobs at Leeds University that will give you an idea of what employment to look for in life after school:

Student Support officer

The job is based on three days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for around 10 hours per day. You will work in a friendly, supportive environment with other student support officers from various academic backgrounds.

This is an ideal opportunity for someone who is looking to gain experience in a work environment that offers the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge.

You will be responsible for:

  • – Helping students and staff with queries regarding their studies and career opportunities
  • Working closely with other departments within Student Services such as Careers Advisory Service, Student Advice Centre etc.
  • Providing advice over the telephone/email/face-to-face regarding issues relating to student support matters (welfare concerns, academic progression concerns etc). This will include providing information regarding eligibility criteria for certain benefits/grants/loans etc.

Sales assistant

A sales assistant role is a great starting point if you’re interested in sales. You’ll get to know your company’s products and services and the customers who buy them. You’ll also learn how to make people feel comfortable and happy when they shop at your store.

As a sales assistant, you’ll be working on the front line of customer service. This means you’ll need to be friendly and polite at all times. You’ll also need to be able to answer any questions customers have about the products or services you sell, so it’s important that you know this information inside out before starting work.

The main duties of a sales assistant are varied, but most include at least some of the following:

  • Customer service: Sales assistants must be friendly and helpful to customers. They should always be willing to answer questions or help people find what they’re looking for.
  • Product knowledge: Sales assistants need to know all about their store’s inventory, how to describe products, and what they’re used for. This includes knowing where products are located in the store so that customers can easily find them.
  • Organization: Sales assistants must keep things neat at all times so that customers don’t have trouble finding things when they shop at the store. They also need to re-stock shelves regularly with new merchandise, remove items that are sold out or damaged and clean up spills on the floor promptly before someone steps in them and slips on them while shopping.

Pharmacy Delivery Driver

The pharmacy delivery driver position is a great job for students. You will get to travel the country and visit different states, plus you get paid for it! This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to make money while seeing the country.

You will be driving a truck that has been customized for the pharmacy industry. Many different companies provide this service, so you should be able to find one in your area that offers good benefits and pay.

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The main duty of the pharmacy delivery driver is to pick up prescriptions from local pharmacies, hospitals and doctors’ offices and deliver them to patients.

You may also need to pick up new prescriptions at times as well. Some companies will allow you to work part-time or even full-time hours on certain days of the week, making it easier for those still going to school full time.

Pizza Delivery Driver

The pizza delivery driver is a common job for college students because it’s flexible and pays well. The pay isn’t great, but the hours are good, and you can make up for the low rates by working as many hours as possible.


You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license and be able to pass a background check. You also need good customer service skills and be able to lift 50 pounds.

What you do:

As a pizza delivery driver, you’ll make deliveries to customers’ homes and businesses in your area. You’ll drive around town in a company car or truck, delivering pizzas and other food items to customers who’ve placed orders online or over the phone.

You may also take phone orders while on the road so your customers can place their own orders before they receive their food orders at home or at work. When taking phone orders, you’ll need excellent multitasking skills so you don’t confuse any of your customers with multiple questions about what they want on their pizzas or other foods they’re ordering.

Veterinary care assistant

Veterinary care assistants work as part of a veterinary team to help provide medical care and treatment to animals. They may be responsible for helping with routine procedures such as feeding, cleaning, grooming and administering medication.

They may also be required to handle more complex tasks such as bathing, administering intravenous fluids, giving injections and performing dental procedures.

Some veterinary care assistants train in animal behaviour or veterinary technology, while others are trained on the job. Private practices, animal shelters, or sanctuaries may employ veterinary care assistants.

The salary of a veterinary care assistant varies according to the type of practice they work in and the size of the practice.

In general, however, salaried professionals earn an average of $10 per hour in small-scale practices, while hourly workers earn around $15 per hour in larger companies such as pet supply stores.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants work with high-level executives, doing their bidding and helping them to get through their day. As a personal assistant, you’ll be responsible for everything from scheduling appointments to running errands and even managing social media accounts. It’s a job that requires a lot of organization, as well as attention to detail and good communication skills.

Here are some skills you should have when considering a career as a personal assistant:

  • Organization: You need to be able to keep track of all your boss’ appointments and meetings so that there are no conflicts with other engagements or events on his or her schedule. If your boss is travelling, you’ll need to know what tickets must be purchased in advance and how much time must be devoted to each task.
  • Attention to Detail: Personal assistants must pay close attention to detail because they often serve as gatekeepers for their bosses. They have physical and digital access to confidential information about their employers’ lives and careers, meaning any mistakes will reflect badly on them rather than on their employers etc.

Physiotherapy Assistant

Physiotherapy assistants work in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, private clinics and sports medicine centres. They are trained to carry out a number of tasks that help improve the health of their patients.

A physiotherapy assistant is an allied health professional who works under the supervision of a physiotherapist to provide physical therapy treatment to patients. Physiotherapy assistants perform many different tasks, including assisting with examining and assessing patients, preparing treatment areas, giving treatment and educating patients about their condition.

Admission Officer

You’ll have to be able to write many letters, but it’s not like you’ll be writing them for the rest of your life. You can still go on and do whatever you want later.

The admissions job is also great for people who enjoy helping others because, in addition to having a lot of interaction with students and families, you’ll also get to interact with alumni and trustees who are looking for ways to give back to the university.

And there’s no doubt that it’s a great experience if you want to go into law or education since you’ll be required to stay at one university for a long time — unless you decide you don’t like admissions anymore!

Sports Facilities Worker

Sports facilities workers can work at a variety of sports venues, including stadiums and arenas. They help set up equipment, serve food and drinks to patrons, clean up after events, conduct inventory and other tasks related to running the venue.

The hours vary depending on when events are held. Some facilities require staff to work overnight shifts during special events like concerts or sporting events.

Work as a Sports Facilities Worker can be a great way for foreign students to get used to working in America and learn about American culture while earning extra money at the same time.

If you’re an international student looking for part-time jobs, you might want to consider working in sports facilities.

Sports facilities workers are responsible for maintaining the safety and cleanliness of a sports facility. They can be found in all types of sports venues, including professional, amateur and recreational facilities.

The most common job titles for this type of work include:

  1. Athletic field worker
  2. Concession stand attendant
  3. Equipment manager (for golf courses)
  4. Golf course ranger (landscaper)
  5. Lifeguard


Gardening is an excellent part-time job for international students because it requires little to no experience and you can often find a home-based position that allows you to work around your class schedule.

If you have the space and equipment, consider starting your own garden or landscaping business. You can even turn your passion into a full-time career by becoming a professional landscaper.

Customer Assistant

Customer assistants are in charge of providing assistance to customers. They typically work in retail stores, such as Walmart or Target, and are responsible for helping customers find items, answering questions about products and services, and ringing up sales.

The pay isn’t great for this job, but if you’re working part-time or looking for a flexible schedule, it can be a good choice. The best thing about customer service jobs is that they’re available in almost every industry and location. Some companies that hire part-time customer assistants include Office Depot and Best Buy.

Food Preparation Worker

Food preparation workers help prepare food at restaurants and other food establishments. They often work in fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Burger King, but they can also be employed by other types of establishments such as grocery stores or cafeterias (for example).

Food preparation workers are hired on an hourly basis and most are paid minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage (depending on state laws).

Freelance translator

If you speak another language fluently, translating is a great way to make money while you’re still in school. You can choose from a variety of freelance websites, such as Upwork and Fiverr, where translators who have experience with certain languages set their own rates for each project.

The average hourly wage for translators on these sites is around $15 per hour, according to PayScale’s data, although this will vary depending on your experience and skill level.

As an international student, you’ll be exposed to a lot of new things when you move to another country. It can be difficult to adjust and understand all the new things around you.

You might also find yourself in situations where you want to explain something and don’t know how to do it in English or your native language. This is where translating comes in handy!

You can translate documents, emails, and even conversations between people who don’t speak each other’s language; it’s a great way to practice your language skills while earning some extra cash.


Hospitality is one of the best industries to get into if you’re an international student. It’s also one of the most competitive industries out there, so it’s important to find a job that fits your skill set and experience level.

Waitresses are always in demand, and there are plenty of entry-level jobs available in this industry. You can work at a café, restaurant or bar — anywhere where people need food brought to them.

The hours are flexible, and you don’t have to be stuck on the same shift day after day. The pay isn’t great compared to other part-time jobs for international students, but if you’re looking for something flexible with no experience required, waitressing may be perfect for you!


If you’re looking for part-time jobs that require little to no experience, receptionist is a great option. The position requires some basic computer skills and the ability to speak clearly over the phone.

Receptionists answer phones, greet customers, schedule appointments and answer questions about the company. The job can be done from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.

A receptionist may work alone or with other staff members depending on what kind of business they work for. For example, if you work for a doctor’s office, you’ll likely have colleagues who can help with answering the phones or helping patients navigate through their insurance paperwork.

Some companies offer flexible hours so that you can work around class schedules while others may offer more hours so that you can make more money per week. If you don’t mind working evenings or weekends, registering as an independent contractor may allow you to earn more money as well.

Facilities Assistant

A Facilities Assistant is responsible for a number of different tasks, such as maintaining the building and grounds, cleaning, and repairing equipment.

This can be a great job for students who love working with tools or machines. You can also use this position as an opportunity to gain experience in an area that interests you.

If you enjoy working with your hands and repairing things, this job might be a good fit for you. As a facilities assistant, you will be responsible for maintaining a variety of buildings and equipment, including lawn mowers, heaters, boilers and air conditioners.

You may also be expected to keep certain areas clean or carry out repairs if something breaks down.

Residence Guider

Residence guides are students who live in a residence and act as a resource for first-year students. As a residence guide, you will help new students settle into campus life, assist them with academic and personal challenges, and provide a friendly face during their first year at Laurier.

Residence guides are required to attend an orientation session before the start of each term. This includes training on how to effectively communicate with students, as well as information about health and safety issues.

The program also provides an opportunity for you to get involved in other volunteer opportunities on campus, including working with the Laurier Students’ Union (LSU), LUSA or the Women’s Centre.

Promotional worker

The promotional industry is one of the best industries to get a part time job. It’s easy to find a job as there are lots of companies that offer this type of work. Most people in this industry are students so you’ll be able to make good friends with them. You can work during weekends or even on weekdays if you want more money!

Working as a promotional worker is a great way for students to earn money and gain experience in the real world. You will be expected to sell products and services, so if you have strong communication skills then this could be perfect for you!

Customer service officer

Many people don’t realise how much potential there is within customer service jobs. They’re often seen as boring, but they’re actually very rewarding! If you have great customer service skills then this could be an excellent part time job for you while studying abroad.

There are loads of different roles available ranging from answering phones and emails all the way through to dealing with complaints and refunds – whichever role suits your needs best!

Enrollment advisor

Enrollment advisors help students and their families navigate the college admissions process. They provide information about the admission process, the university and its programs, and financial aid. Enrollment advisors can also be involved in recruiting students to the university.

Part-time enrollment advisors are often part of a larger team that includes full-time staff members like admissions counselors and financial aid officers, who have more experience with college applications and offer counseling services to students.

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You may be able to find part-time work as an enrollment advisor through an on-campus employment agency or through a job board site like Indeed, Monster or CareerBuilder.

You can also search for positions directly through your school’s website or by asking for help from someone in your department or office of student affairs if you’re currently enrolled in school.

Finance Assistant

If you’re good with numbers, then this is the ideal part-time job for you. Helping with invoicing and bookkeeping, this job will involve using Microsoft Excel and other accounting software. You may be required to assist in the preparation of company financial statements and tax returns.

This position usually requires some degree of experience in accounting, but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door if you’re just starting out. The work is often more varied than full-time positions, so you’ll get exposure to different areas of finance such as payroll, budgeting, accounts payable, accounts receivable and more.

Finance Assistant at a Nonprofit

Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers with good organizational skills who want to help make a difference in their communities. If you’re looking for part-time work that can give back to your community while still paying the bills, look into volunteer opportunities at nonprofits such as food banks or shelters. These organizations are always short-staffed due to budget constraints, so they’ll appreciate any extra help they can get!

Social Media Assistant

If you’re a social media guru, you could make some money as a social media assistant. Many companies hire people to help them manage their social media accounts. You’d be in charge of everything from creating content and posting it to making sure the company’s social media pages are up-to-date.

If you want to be a social media assistant, make sure you have good writing skills and can write in clear, concise sentences. You should also have experience with different types of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Newspaper distributor

A newspaper distributor delivers papers during the day and can sometimes work nights as well. This is an ideal job for students because it gives them flexibility over their schedule and lets them earn some extra cash. Plus, if the paper runs out before you get there, you can always deliver another one when it comes out again later in the day.

As a newspaper distributor, you will be selling newspapers and magazines to people who visit certain locations such as grocery stores, hotels and restaurants.

You will also help with loading these newspapers into vending machines and making sure that there are enough of them for customers to purchase. This is a simple job that requires little training or experience. However, you should still be able to speak English fluently since it’s likely that most customers won’t speak your native language.


While you’re studying abroad, take the opportunity to try your hand at photography. While it’s not always an easy career path to break into, it’s a great way to get experience shooting photos and videos. If you’re considering this as a full-time career, be sure to check out our list of the best photography jobs for students.

If you’re interested in being a photographer and have some experience under your belt, consider applying for part-time jobs around campus like taking pictures of sporting events or concerts. These events often require photographers who can shoot from all angles and quickly upload photos to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some other ideas for part-time jobs:

  • Concert photographer
  • Sports photographer
  • Event photographer

Personal Tutor

Being a personal tutor is one of the best part-time jobs for international students who are looking to make some extra money while studying abroad. Students will often go to tutors for help with their homework or to get assistance with learning a language.

Most tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups and will charge by the hour or by the week depending on what type of contract they have set up with their client.

Some tutors are employed by schools or universities and receive payment from them for their services; however, some may choose to offer services independently through social media platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Ice Cream scooper

This job is perfect for students who have a flexible schedule, because it can be done at any time of the day. If you love ice cream, this is the perfect job for you.

You will be scooping ice cream and serving customers at an ice cream shop or restaurant that sells ice cream. This is a fun way to make money while learning about different cultures and languages while interacting with people from all over the world.

Ice cream scoops are the most important part of an ice cream shop. The scoopers need to be able to scoop out the right amount of ice cream, quickly and accurately, so customers get the same amount of toppings on their cones every time.

Scoopers can make anywhere from $7.25 to $8 per hour, depending on their experience and where they work.


Bartenders are the lifeblood of the hospitality industry. They are responsible for keeping the bar running smoothly, making sure that customers are served quickly and efficiently – so they don’t have to wait too long for their drinks!

Bartenders also need to be able to handle difficult customers and work under pressure, as well as being able to multitask and keep track of multiple orders at once.

A bartender’s salary will be dependent on experience, but you should expect to earn between $10-$15 an hour (depending on your location).


Cashiers are the backbone of any business. They’re the first people that customers see when they walk into the store, and they’re the last people that customers see before they leave. That’s why it’s so important for cashiers to be friendly and professional at all times.

Cashiers are also responsible for ringing up purchases, taking inventory, handling returns, and keeping an eye on shoplifters or other security issues. They also need to know how much change to give back to customers based on their bill total and the amount of money in their cash register drawer.

Cashiers don’t need a lot of training, but it does help if you can speak multiple languages. This is especially true if you’re working in an international market like Paris or Tokyo where many people don’t speak English as fluently as they do in America or Australia.


If you’re a student who has something to say, blogging can be an excellent way to make some money on the side. Whether you blog about fashion, travel or just want to share your thoughts on current events, there are plenty of people who would love to hear what you have to say.

I have been working as a full-time blogger for over a year now and it has been amazing. I have a lot of freedom with my schedule and get paid to write about things that I am passionate about. It can be difficult to find freelance blogging jobs if you don’t know where to look but there are some great websites out there that will help match you with the right companies looking for someone like you!

The best part about being a blogger is that it is pretty much self-employment so there is no boss telling you what to do or how much work should be done each day/week! You get to decide how much time and effort you want to put into your blog and how much money it makes for you!

Graphic designer

A graphic designer is someone who creates the visual elements of a website, advertisement, or other visual communication. Graphic designers may work in various fields, including book publishing, brand marketing and promotion, corporate communications and marketing services.

They may also specialize in the design of promotional material such as posters or brochures. They may also be responsible for laying out advertising copy on websites or in print publications.

This job is perfect for any student interested in design and art. The responsibilities include creating logos and icons for clients’ websites and social media accounts. You will also be responsible for creating advertisements and other marketing materials for businesses around town.

Web developers are responsible for managing websites from start to finish so they look professional and function properly.

Responsibilities include designing new pages from scratch, updating existing pages with new content, troubleshooting errors on existing pages and performing maintenance tasks on the site itself (such as deleting spam comments).

Software Developer Intern

Software development is the way to go if you’re looking for a job that will let you work on real-world projects. The best part about this job is that it can be done remotely. You don’t actually have to be in the office all day, every day.

The downside is that it can be difficult to find positions in this field as an international student. But if you’re persistent and patient, it can be done.

Once you land a position, you can work part-time while going to school full-time or full-time while studying abroad or taking classes online.


Bookselling is a great part-time job for an international student. You can make a good hourly wage, but there are also other perks. For example, you get to meet people from all over the world and learn about their lives.

Plus, you’ll always have something to talk about when you meet new people! If you’re interested in working at a bookstore in your free time, here are some tips for finding one:

What you need:

You’ll need to be able to work flexible hours (many bookstores close early on weekdays) and be comfortable working alone if there is no other staff member around. You should have an interest in reading and literature as well as good organizational skills and attention to detail. You should also be able to speak English well enough to communicate with customers and understand their questions about books.

Where to find jobs:

Check Craigslist or ask friends who work at local bookstores if they know of any openings or are hiring themselves. If you don’t have luck finding an entry-level position like cashier or sales associate, try contacting national chains like Barnes & Noble or Borders who may be hiring managers with experience in retail management.

Tour Guide

The best part-time jobs for international students are those that offer a flexible schedule, good income and a chance to network with others. The most popular jobs for international students are in the retail, hospitality and customer service industries.

Tour guides work at museums, art galleries and historic sites. They help visitors understand the exhibits and the history behind them. You can also work as a tour guide at tourist attractions or festivals like Oktoberfest.

Tour guides typically work during peak seasons when there are more visitors in town. If you want to be a tour guide, you will need excellent communication skills and knowledge about the area where you live. A background in art history or history will give you an edge over other candidates.

Research Assistant

Research assistantships are one of the most common part-time jobs for international students. These positions, which usually involve assisting a faculty member with a research project, usually require a higher level of education than other types of student jobs.

A research assistant may be asked to help out with any number of tasks, including:

  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Writing up research results
  • Developing computer programs to analyze data or design new experiments
  • Participating in group meetings with other researchers and faculty members

Waitress at the university cafeteria

The cafeteria is a great place to work as a student, as it’s easy to get a part-time job there and it’s just across campus. If you’re not a fan of working in food service, there are plenty of other jobs available at cafeterias. You can work as a dishwasher or busboy or even as a janitor.

If you’re looking for something more fun than scrubbing toilets, go ahead and apply for one of the waitressing positions at your school’s cafeteria!

You’ll need to be able to work during lunch hours on weekdays, but this job is flexible enough that you can also take classes during the day and still be able to make it in time for your shift.

Pet caretaker

A pet caretaker job is a great way for you to make some extra money and get paid for your love of animals. Pets are becoming a bigger part of our lives, so it’s no surprise that there is a growing demand for pet sitters and walkers.

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As a pet caretaker, you’ll be responsible for taking dogs or cats out for walks, feeding them and playing with them. It’s important that you’re comfortable around animals and have previous experience working with them (either as a volunteer or professionally).

If you love animals, pet caretaking can be a great way to make extra cash. You’ll have tons of time to spend with your furry friends, and if you’re lucky enough, maybe even get paid for it! Just make sure that you follow your employer’s guidelines so you don’t end up breaking any laws or getting yourself into trouble.

House Cleaner

If you have passion for cleaning, you might want to consider becoming a house cleaner.

As an international student, you’re probably looking for a part-time job that will allow you to make some money while also being able to do something that you enjoy. The great thing about being a house cleaner is that it’s fairly flexible and can be done around your school schedule.

You may be wondering what exactly is involved in the job itself. Cleaning houses isn’t as simple as it seems — there are certain techniques that must be learned in order to do the job right. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s an easy way to make some extra cash on the side!


Being a babysitter is one of the best part time jobs for international students. If you have lots of energy, patience and love children, then this job is perfect for you. You can make good money by babysitting at night or during weekends.

Being a babysitter is not just about playing with the children and taking care of them but also making sure that they are safe while they are in your care. You need to make sure that they eat well and get enough sleep so that they do not fall sick during their stay with you.

If you are good with kids, then this job will be fun and rewarding too!

Brand Ambassador

This is a great part-time job for international students because it allows you to work flexible hours and make money while you travel.

As a brand ambassador, you promote products and services by distributing samples, answering questions and providing information. You’ll get paid to do this kind of work at trade shows, in airports, at sporting events and more. Some brands even hire people to do this from home!

You can find these jobs on Craigslist or through social media groups like Facebook. To make sure you’re getting paid fairly, ask about the hourly rate before accepting the job.

IT Assistant

If you have a knack for computers, this might be the perfect job for you! You may be asked to do simple tasks such as data entry or email management, but many companies will also put their new employees through training programs to teach them about IT products and services.

The advantage of this job is that it’s flexible and can be done at any time of day or night — just make sure to check with your employer about their office hours before applying!

Security guard

If you’re in the UK. on a student visa, you can work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and full time during breaks. The key is that you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at an accredited institution of higher education.

If this applies to you, it’s a great way to make some extra cash while studying or working on your degree. And what better way to get paid than by keeping people safe?

Fitness instructor

If you enjoy working out and have a passion for fitness, becoming a fitness instructor could be a great part-time job for you. You can work in gyms or health clubs, helping people with their workouts and making sure they stay safe while exercising.

The work can be physically demanding, so it might not be right for everyone. However, if you are outgoing and enjoy teaching others, this could be the perfect job for you.

How many hours per week are you permitted to work?

The number of hours you are permitted to work in the UK is determined by the sort of course you are enrolled in. The number of hours you can work depending on the type of course is mentioned below.

A student can work up to 20 hours per week in these types of courses.

  • A full-time course leading to a degree or higher at a recognized higher education institution
  • A short-term student enrolled in a program at a foreign higher education institution who has settled in the United Kingdom

Students in the following courses are only permitted to work 10 hours per week.

  • In a full-time course below the level of a degree sponsored by a recognized body or a publicly-funded higher education institution.
  • A Tier 4 (Child) visa is required for any course where the student is over the age of 16.
  • Students enrolled in these programmes are not permitted to work while studying in the United Kingdom.
  • In a part-time postgraduate study or higher that is supported by a recognized organisation in the UK or that is funded by the government as a Higher Education Institution
  • In a course at any level of a further education college
  • In any course given by a private higher education provider at any level
  • Any course when the student is under the age of 16 and possesses a Tier 4 (Child) visa

Working hours in the UK are restricted based on a number of factors, including the sort of programme and Tier 4 sponsor you’re studying with. Full-time students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week, whether or not they are paid.

You can’t average a week over a long period of time since the week has a legal definition. According to this rule, a week is the seven days between Monday and Sunday.

Tips For Getting Part-Time Jobs For International Students

Getting a part-time job is one of the most effective ways to make money while studying. If you are an international student, you can use your income to help cover living expenses.

It is not easy to find a part-time job while studying abroad. You need to know that most part-time jobs are not available online. You have to go out, talk to people and find out what kind of jobs are available in your city. We have listed some tips for getting part-time jobs for international students:

Talk to local people:

The first thing you should do is to talk to local people who might be able to help you get a part-time job while studying abroad. They might know someone looking for a student with the skills you have, or they might even be able to give you an introduction letter so that you can start applying for different jobs in that area.

Use social media

It’s important to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when looking for part-time jobs for international students. You can also use LinkedIn if you have one because it will help you connect with recruiters and hiring managers who may be interested in hiring international students for their companies because they believe that these students will make a great addition to their team due to the fact that they have experience living overseas and learning about other cultures which give them added skills compared.

Find a flexible job that fits your schedule.

If you’re an international student, finding part-time work in the U.K can be a challenge. But there are things you can do to make it easier. Here are some tips for getting part-time jobs for international students:

Find a flexible job that fits your schedule. Most part-time jobs are not ideal for international students because they require fixed schedules and frequent attendance. However, there are some exceptions:

These are the kind of jobs that require irregular attendance, including telemarketing, data entry, virtual assistant positions and freelance writing/editing. These types of jobs often pay well and allow you to set your own hours, which means they can mesh well with classes and other activities during school days or on weekends.

Consider an internship or volunteer work placement instead of a full-time job. This may allow you to get some experience on your resume while still giving you time to study during the academic year. You can also search for volunteer opportunities in your area through networks like Idealist and Volunteer Match.

Apply for jobs online

Online job search sites can be effective ways to find part-time jobs. Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn and Career Builder all list numerous opportunities in the United States. These sites can help you save time by allowing you to apply to multiple jobs all at once.

Search at companies’ websites: Most large companies have their own career pages on their websites, which usually include information about internships and part-time positions. Some companies even advertise these positions on Facebook and Twitter.

You can even try the old method of sending out resumes via snail mail (yes, snail mail!). If you really want an old-school approach and are willing to get your hands dirty with paper, stamps, envelopes and all that jazz, then send out submissions by post instead of emailing them out — it might be more effective since it’s personalised and unique compared with sending out emails en masse.

Check with your university’s career centre

Your university may have a list of employers who are willing to hire international students. If not, it may offer you guidance on how to find a job on your own. Be sure to visit the career centre often so they can keep you updated on any new opportunities they hear about.


If you’re a student, it’s time to put your networking skills to the test. Whether you’re an international student or not, it’s important to network with other people in your field of study.

If you’re an international student, don’t forget about your university’s career centre and alumni association. These organizations often have job listings for students and alumni and can connect you with employers.

If you want a job, you should network with other people in your class or around campus. Try talking to the people from the same country as you and ask them if they know anyone looking for a part-time worker. You can also start networking with people who have already secured a part-time job. This will give you an advantage over other students because they will have more connections than you do.

Get your foot in the door by volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to get experience in an industry before you commit full-time. If you’re unsure what career path you want to pursue, volunteering allows you to try different areas out without committing to anything long term. Many employers will look favourably upon volunteer experience on your resume – even more so if it’s related to their business!.


To sum up, working abroad has been an amazing experience for me. I know that not everyone can make this dream come true, but I think it would be a shame to miss out on an amazing opportunity just because of relative insecurities. If you’re in a position where you’re considering doing work abroad, then don’t hesitate and get it over with! It might just be the best thing you’ll ever do.

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