10+ Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In UK For International Students 2023

If you are looking for fully funded undergraduate scholarships in the UK, this article is for you. In this article, I will share some of the best opportunities for international students to study for undergraduate degrees in the United Kingdom without any fee.

The UK is a great place to study, and the government has provided many fully funded scholarships. These scholarships are available for various courses and all levels of study. They are offered by public and private institutions, including universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.


I have included all types of scholarships that an international student can apply for and get funding from either government or private sources. And so, before deciding on which University to go to, make sure that you have checked out their website for any available scholarships for international students.

Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In the UK For International Students 2023

We have compiled the list of 10+ Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships in the UK for International Students 2023 offered by different universities in the UK.

1. Newcastle University International Foundation Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships are offered by INTO and Newcastle University to exceptionally brilliant students from other countries who wish to pursue post-secondary education, ultimately leading to admission to undergraduate degree programs at the University.

The Newcastle University International Foundation Scholarships are offered to high-caliber international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at the University. The scholarship is open to students outside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).

  • The application deadline is July 31 (for a September start) or October 31 (for a November start) (for a January start).
  • Number of Scholarships: ten (10)
  • Value of Scholarship: 100% tuition fee
  • Duration of Scholarship: one year

2. Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships for International Students is a merit-based scholarship for international students. The scholarship is awarded to a student with excellent academic performance in the first year of their degree. This award aims to attract high-quality, motivated students to the University and help them achieve their full potential.

The University provides partial and complete scholarship awards to encourage well-qualified graduates who are considered to be international for fees to participate in taught postgraduate and undergraduate study at Newcastle University. Each scholarship can cover either half or all of the student’s tuition for one academic year and is credited to the student’s account for tuition fees.

The Newcastle University Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships are designed to attract the most academically able students from around the world. The scholarships are available for all undergraduate courses at Newcastle University.

  • The application deadline is on January 31, April 27, and June 29, however, it can vary.
  • South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco are some African countries that qualify.
  • Number of Scholarships: 14
  • Value of Scholarship: 50% of tuition fees
  • Duration of Program: 1 year
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10+ Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In UK For International Students 2023

3. University of Westminster Vice-Chancellor’s Undergraduate Scholarship for Developing Countries

The Vice-Scholarship Chancellor’s is the most prestigious prize by the University of Westminster. Its purpose is to provide a student from a developing nation with the financial resources necessary to pursue a Master’s degree while attending School full-time.

  • The deadline for applications is May 31.
  • Number of Scholarships: One (1)
  • Value of Scholarship: Full tuition fee waiver, accommodation, living expenses, and flights to and from London.
  • Duration of Scholarship: for the period of the master’s program

4. High Achiever Foundation Scholarships for African Students at the University of Nottingham

The foundation courses offered by the University of Nottingham offer students the chance to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to pursue a bachelor’s degree while simultaneously pursuing their education at a prestigious institution.

These degrees can be found in the arts, business, engineering, science, and social sciences students from Africa* who wish to pursue an education at the university and register for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Foundation Certificate can apply for one of five available scholarships.

  • Application Deadline: June 29
  • Eligible African Countries: All African countries (Three of these scholarships will be reserved for students from Kenya or Nigeria)
  • Number and Value of Scholarship: 5 scholarships of £2,000 towards tuition fees
  • Duration: The high achiever prize is for the first year only.
  • Application Procedure: Visit link below

5. Kingston University Undergraduate Scholarships in UK for International Students

Foreign students who enroll at Kingston University in the United Kingdom are eligible to receive awards and scholarships totaling £200,000 each academic year. These international scholarships range from £4,000 to £4,000 per academic year. The scholarships are available to incoming first-year undergraduate students enrolled full-time in any field of study for each of the three years of the program (subject to satisfactory progress).

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  • Application Deadline: May 31
  • Number of Scholarships: several
  • Value of Scholarship: international scholarships, each worth £4,000 per year of study.
  • Duration of Scholarship: three years

6. undergraduate Scholarships in the UK for International Students at University of Kent

The University has a long heritage of accepting students from other countries. As part of that legacy, they are glad to provide a variety of scholarships to overseas students who wish to enroll as undergraduates.

The information that you provide on your UCAS form, along with the clear thinking and motivation that is demonstrated in the essay that you submit, will be used to determine which students will receive scholarships.

  • Application Deadline: May 31
  • Number of Scholarships: not specified
  • Value of Scholarship: The scholarships are worth £5000 per year of study at the University of Kent, towards the cost of tuition fees
  • Duration of Scholarship: for the period of study

7. University of Sheffield Merit Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Regions

Students from Africa and other developing countries who wish to pursue their undergraduate education at the University of Sheffield are eligible for Merit Scholarships offered by the University.

  • Application Deadline: April 20
  • Eligible African Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
  • Number of Awardees: Not specified
  • Value of Scholarship: 50% tuition waiver
  • Duration of Scholarship: Duration of programme

8. U iversity of Sussex Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

The Sussex Excellence Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that recognizes and rewards undergraduate students who have excelled in their previous academic work before enrolling at the University of Sussex.

A financial award of £3,000 is presented in the first year of a three- or four-year undergraduate degree program.

During your first year at the unUniversityyou will be given the financial reward, which will be distributed to you in three equal amounts of £1,500 each.

9. C ventry Academic Performance Scholarship (CAPS) at Coventry University

The Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship, also known as the Merit Scholarship Scheme, has in the past been successfully granted to hundreds of students from other countries. A l international students who are accepted into undergraduate programs that require full-time attendance are eligible for the CAPS Scholarship.

  • Application Deadline: June 30
  • Number of Scholarships: Not specified
  • Value of Scholarship: Worth up to £1500
  • Duration of Scholarship: One time scholarships may be renewed.

10.   Dickson Poon Undergraduate Law Scholarships at Kings College, London

At The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, there is a scholarship program called the Dickson Poon Undergraduate Law Scholarship Programme. T is program provides prestigious and prominent scholarships to excellent new law students.

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The level of competition for the scholarships is high, and those awarded them are subject to the expectation that they would take an active part in the community of the School. At the same time, they are students there and in the neighborhood of the world when they graduate.

  • Application Deadlines: There are two application rounds, October 31 and March 1
  • Number of Awards: Up to 30
  • Value of Award: Scholars will receive financial support of £5,000 per year for the duration of the degree program to which they are admitted. Scholars will also receive complimentary King’s accommodation during the first year of their LLB program.


If you are thinking of studying abroad in the UK, then International Student Scholarships UK can provide you with a variety of exciting scholarship possibilities. So if you want to study in the UK, now’s the time to apply for scholarships.

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