The Best Jobs For Immigrants In The UK 2023

Immigrants are a key part of the UK workforce. They bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and valuable skills to our businesses.

They also make an important contribution to Britain’s economy through their taxes and spending power.


The British Government has been working hard to encourage immigration to help support our economy and society.

The current system allows people from outside Europe who are highly skilled or who can meet specific criteria to apply for visas under Tier 2 (General) or Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) of the Points Based System (PBS).


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Best Jobs For Immigrants In The UK

Best Jobs For Immigrants In The UK

The PBS makes sure that migrants only come to the UK if they have a job offer that cannot be filled by a resident worker.

Here are some of the most popular jobs for immigrants:

  1. Software developers
Best Jobs For Immigrants In The UK

These people are at the cutting edge of technology development, so it’s no surprise that they’re in high demand. Software development roles require good problem solving skills, creativity, patience and persistence.

If you’re looking for a job where you can use these qualities then this might be one option for you.

Many large companies rely on IT consultants when they need complex advice or assistance with their systems and networks. These consultants often have years of experience working within.

  1. Nurses
Best Jobs For Immigrants In The UK

Nurses are one of the most popular immigration options for non-EU citizens. The NHS is a world-renowned health care system, and it’s always on the lookout for new talent.

If you’re from outside the EU and want to work as a nurse, you’ll need to be registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). You can apply for registration if you meet their standards and are able to provide evidence of your qualifications.

Once you’re registered, you can work in any NHS hospital or clinic that hires staff from overseas. It’s possible to gain experience at a private clinic or hospital before applying for an NHS position, but this isn’t always necessary.

  1. Teachers

Britain is currently experiencing a shortage of teachers. In fact, according to a recent report by the National Union of Teachers (NUT), there are currently nearly 50,000 unfilled teaching posts nationwide.

The NUT claims that this figure will rise to 100,000 by 2025 unless more teachers are recruited. This means that if you’re an immigrant who wants to start a new life in Britain, becoming a teacher could be your best bet.

Teachers are in high demand and well paid so it makes sense that many people would want to pursue this career path.

However, it’s important to note that becoming a teacher requires significant experience and qualifications – which may not be available in your home country. Fortunately, there are many different ways in which you can gain these qualifications in the UK:

Trainee teacher programmes: These schemes allow you to train as a teacher while also earning money from working as an apprentice or assistant teacher at local schools during term time.

Most trainee teaching programmes will also provide free accommodation during your training period on top of your salary so that you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere

  1. Computer Programmers

If you’re a computer programmer, the UK is one of the best places to work in the world. The demand for programming talent is so high that companies are willing to pay top dollar to hire people with experience.

In fact, according to Glassdoor’s latest IT jobs report, London is the top city for tech salaries globally — with an average salary of £63,000 (around $79,000).

  1. Hairdresser/barber

Hairdressers and barbers are one of the most popular jobs for immigrants and migrants. The reason is simple – they are easy to get, pay well and have flexible hours.

If you’re an immigrant with little or no experience in this field, you can start as a trainee at a hairdressing school or barber shop. After completing your training program, you’ll be qualified to work anywhere in the country.

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As an immigrant, it’s easier for you to find a job in this sector because there are not many people applying for it from outside Britain. It’s also great if you want to work part-time or freelance because there are plenty of opportunities available online.

The pay is decent too – average salaries range from £12,000 per year for trainee hairdressers up to £30k per year for senior stylists working at upscale salons and spas.

  1. Chauffeur/taxi driver
Tourist from India exploring London and UK

This job is not only good for people who want to make money but also for those who want to work their way up in life.

It is a great career choice, especially if you are planning on staying in the UK for long. The reason behind this is because it offers flexibility and independence like no other job can offer. It also gives you the freedom to choose your own schedule, which means that you can determine when and how much time you spend with your family or friends.

The best part about chauffeur/taxi driving is that it does not require any formal education or qualifications.

You just need to know how to drive and have a valid driving license from your country of origin, which means that if you don’t have one yet, then it will be easy for you to get one in the UK as long as you have all the required documents with you such as birth certificate and passport etc.

  1. Accountancy and Finance

Accountants are another good choice for immigrants who want to work in the UK. They can be paid well and will have opportunities to advance as they gain experience and knowledge in their field.

Accountants usually need at least an undergraduate degree, but there are some positions available for those who only have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Most accountants must also be certified by passing an exam administered by their state board of accountancy or any other organization that offers certification examinations.

  1. Agriculturist

Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is expected to continue growing as more people move towards more plant-based diets. With this growth comes a demand for skilled workers such as agriculturists, who can help manage farms, crops and livestock.

The agriculture industry is one of the biggest industries in the UK. It employs more than 2 million people and contributes £10 billion to the economy every year.

The agriculture sector is also heavily dependent on immigrant workers. There are currently around 460,000 EU nationals working in this field, as well as a further 800,000 non-EU migrants.

The main duties of an agriculturist include:

  • Managing livestock and crop production
  • Ensuring that animals are being raised in a healthy environment
  • Controlling pests and diseases which affect crops and livestock
  1. Journalist

The best jobs for immigrants in the UK are those that can be done anywhere, such as journalist. Journalists write reports, articles, news stories and other forms of media. They work with other journalists to create content that informs people about current events.

Journalists must have excellent written communication skills, but they also need strong research skills. They must know how to find information and verify it before publishing it. If you’re an immigrant with a background in journalism, you’ll have a good chance of finding a job as a journalist in the UK.

Journalism is one of the most popular industries for immigrants because it’s relatively easy to get into and doesn’t require any experience at all – although being able to speak English fluently would be helpful! It’s also an industry where you can work remotely which means that if you don’t yet have your visa, it’s still possible to find work in this field until you do!

  1. Marketing and sales
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This is one of the most popular professions among migrants, with nearly half of all marketing managers in the UK coming from abroad. If this sounds like something you might be interested in then read our guide on how to become a marketing manager in the UK or check out some marketing courses near you. You could also consider becoming a sales manager if this interests you more than marketing does – again, there are plenty of opportunities available for skilled workers who want to work in this field.

  1. IT and telecommunications

The technology sector is one of the most popular sectors for immigrants in the UK, but what kind of jobs are available in this industry? The following are some of the best jobs for immigrants in IT and telecommunications:

  • Software engineer: Software engineers are responsible for creating new programs and applications that can be used by businesses and individuals. They design and develop software, manage projects and analyse results. They may also need to maintain existing programs or systems to ensure they run smoothly.
  • Systems administrator: Systems administrators (or sysadmins) are responsible for managing, monitoring and maintaining computer networks, computers and related hardware. They may also troubleshoot problems with software or hardware from remote locations using remote access software such as Telnet or SSH.
  • Network engineer/administrator: Network engineers/administrators (or network admins) maintain computer networks and make sure all systems are working correctly so that people can connect easily to each other via the internet. Network admins may also have responsibility for installing new equipment within an organisation’s network infrastructure when necessary
  • Helpdesk operator/assistant helpdesk operator: Helpdesks provide technical support to users who have problems with their computers or other devices such as printers

Your skills are in high demand in this sector, especially if you’re able to speak English fluently or have an understanding of British culture. Not only will you be well paid but you’ll also have a huge amount of career prospects available to you after just one year! Technology companies are always looking for people with IT skills so there’s no shortage of work out there for those who want it

Benefits Of Working In The UK As An immigrant


The UK is a great place to work, especially for those from outside the country. Not only does it have great job opportunities, but it also offers a range of incentives for those who choose to take up residence in the country.

One of the most attractive benefits of working in the UK as an immigrant is that you can earn money here without being taxed on it. This means that if you are living here permanently, you will not pay tax on any income you make from employment or self-employment in the UK.

Many people also find that they have more freedom to choose what type of work they do when they live in another country. For example, if someone wants to start their own business but cannot do so at home due to regulations or restrictions, then moving abroad could be just what they need.

If you move abroad with your family and start a new life in another country, then there are many other benefits that come along with this choice as well.

For example, if your children attend school here then this will help them learn about British culture and history while at the same time increasing their knowledge of English grammar and syntax as well as helping them improve their language skills overall.

The UK is a popular destination for those who want to work abroad. The country has a dynamic economy, a diverse job market and an excellent standard of living. If you are considering immigrating to the UK, here are some reasons why you should consider it:

  • Better job opportunities than back home

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for migrants from around the world, as it offers better job opportunities than many other countries. There are plenty of jobs available across all sectors, including healthcare, IT and engineering.

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The UK economy is strong and growing, making it an attractive place for immigrants to find employment.

There are many jobs available in the service sector as well as in areas such as technology and science.

Many companies are also looking for people with experience working overseas, which can be useful if you have already worked abroad before or want to gain valuable experience in your field before returning home or moving on elsewhere once again.

  • Socio-economic benefits

The UK offers an excellent standard of living with good quality healthcare and education. The cost of living is also quite low compared to many other countries in Europe.

  • Good work-life balance

In general, British workers enjoy high levels of job satisfaction due to good wages and benefits as well as flexible working arrangements that allow them to balance their professional lives with family life or other interests outside work such as sports or hobbies.

  • Access to free healthcare

People coming from outside the EU have access to free healthcare through the NHS (National Health Service). This means that they don’t need to worry about paying for any medical care during their stay in the UK – all treatment will be covered by their insurance policy or by their employer if they have private health insurance.

  • Pension Scheme

The pension scheme is one of the most important benefits for UK workers. It allows you to save money for your retirement and get a pension when you stop working.

You may be able to pay into a personal pension or a stakeholder pension if you’re not eligible for the main state pension. You can find out more on our state pensions page.

The National Insurance system is another key benefit of working in the UK as an immigrant. National Insurance helps pay for things like the NHS and social security. You’ll need to pay National Insurance contributions if you work in the UK, whether or not you’re eligible for the state pension (or other benefits).


So, don’t be put off from working in the UK because you’re an immigrant. The British economy is driven by foreign workers and companies, so it’s a great chance for you to find out about working in the UK as an immigrant. Many companies are happy to give you internships to work on as an immigrant, so look on the job boards and find jobs that suit you.

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