Scarborough Football Scholarship 2023: How To Apply

The Scarborough Football and Education Program is the most successful of its kind on the East Coast. On and off the field, they assist pupils in accomplishing goals that were before unimaginable to them.

Flamingo Land Stadium, located in Scarborough, is the location of the Scarborough organization’s headquarters. Students have access to a gymnasium, swimming lessons, and fitness classes whenever they want, and here is where both classes and coaching for football are given.


They feel privileged to have ties to Loughborough College and the University of Loughborough. The Scarborough Football Scholarship is the only program of its kind to be officially recognized as a football academy in North Yorkshire and is located in Scarborough.

Their Program is Available to both Young Women and Young Men. Teams compete against one another at the collegiate and U19 levels both locally and nationally in football. At this time, a total of five teams are participating in any of our programs.

They have a wonderful group of people who are all committed to helping students in every step of their journeys. Students are guaranteed a wonderful experience and a first-rate education because the personnel at Scarborough Athletic includes current and former professional players, Level 6 accredited tutors, and experts in their respective fields. One teaching staff member is assigned to every nine pupils at this institution.

How To Apply For Scarborough Football Scholarship

You have to fill in a biodata form which will require the following steps:

1. Complete the application form, which is available on their website.

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2. Submit your completed application to the school by mail or email.

3. Wait to hear back from the scholarship committee about whether you have been awarded a scholarship or not.

Scarborough Football Academy: How To Join

We are very happy to announce that we have created a new scholarship program & academy, the Scarborough Athletic Scholarship Program. This is a scholarship program for players who play for Scarborough Athletic Football Club.

You can apply using this link:

This scholarship program is only open to all players who are registered and playing for Scarborough Athletic Football Club. The aim of this scholarship program is to help players with their education, which will help them in the future after they finish school and university.

The Scarborough Athletic Scholarship Program is open to any player who has been registered with Scarborough Athletic Football Club for at least 1 season and is still currently registered with us. You must also have been playing in the same position as last season (i.e., if you were a forward last season then you must continue being a forward). Your application will be considered by our board before we make our decision on whether or not you will be awarded this scholarship or not.



What sort of skills will I take away from this experience?

A BTEC Level Three in sport is one of the courses that may be studied at the Scholarship. This course is comparable to three A Levels.

I didn’t do well in English and mathematics in school; is it possible for me to learn those subjects and try again?

Yes you can. They collaborate with Malton School to make it possible for students to retake tests and receive instruction in both mathematics and English. In addition, students have the chance to study both subjects.

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After completing the course, what other opportunities do I have?

They partner with Loughborough College to provide degree programs to students who have successfully completed the BTEC program. We have also had a number of students go on to work in the field of sport.

How often will I get to play football?

In addition to the ten hours of weekly football instruction, they also run a game program every Wednesday afternoon that features matches for all our different teams. The National Under-19 Alliance League, the National Football Youth League, and the AOC Sports College League are the three competitions in which we participate.

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