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The Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) is a platform introduced by JAMB to streamline the admission process, and it has been in use since 2017.

One of the features of the CAPS is the transfer approval process, which allows students who have been offered admission to transfer from one institution to another. This process was introduced to make it easier for students to switch schools in cases where they are not satisfied with the course or institution they have been admitted to.

Once a student accepts the transfer approval on JAMB CAPS, there are several steps that they need to take to ensure a smooth transition. This article will explore what those steps are and provide insights on how to navigate the transfer process successfully.

JAMB Transfer Approval On JAMB CAP: Next Move

Step 1: Confirm Acceptance of Transfer Approval on JAMB CAPS

The first step after accepting a transfer approval on JAMB CAPS is to confirm that the acceptance has been successfully processed. To do this, the student needs to log in to their JAMB CAPS account and check the transfer approval status. If the transfer approval has been successfully processed, the status will show as “approved.”

Step 2: Contact the New Institution

After confirming the transfer approval status, the next step is to contact the new institution that the student intends to transfer to. The student needs to find out the admission requirements of the new institution and submit the necessary documents. This could include transcripts, certificates, and other relevant documents. The student should also inquire about the registration process and any other requirements that need to be fulfilled before the transfer can be completed.

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Step 3: Obtain a Transfer Letter

Once the new institution has accepted the student’s admission, the student needs to obtain a transfer letter from the former institution. The transfer letter serves as proof that the student was previously admitted to the former institution and has been granted permission to transfer to the new institution. The transfer letter should be addressed to the registrar of the new institution and should contain the student’s full name, JAMB registration number, and the name of the former institution.

Step 4: Register at the New Institution

After obtaining the transfer letter, the student needs to complete the registration process at the new institution. The registration process may involve payment of fees, course registration, and provision of biometric data. The student should ensure that they complete all registration requirements before the registration deadline to avoid any penalties or issues with their admission.

Step 5: Verify Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

Once the registration process at the new institution is complete, the student needs to verify their admission status on JAMB CAPS. This is important to ensure that their admission has been successfully transferred to the new institution. The admission status on JAMB CAPS should show as “admitted.”

Step 6: Print Admission Letter

After verifying their admission status on JAMB CAPS, the student needs to print their admission letter. The admission letter serves as proof of the student’s admission to the new institution and should be kept safe for future reference.

How to Easily Accept a Newly Offered Course on Transfer Admission

To successfully accept the course you have been offered, follow these steps for a hassle-free experience:

  1. Begin by visiting your JAMB profile/CAPS page. If you haven’t already, ensure that your email is linked to the JAMB portal.
  2. Log in to your JAMB profile and navigate to your CAPS section.
  3. Look for the Transfer Approval link. Click on it, and you will be presented with the details of the newly offered course, along with accept and reject buttons.
  4. Simply click on the accept button and then log out.
  5. Remember to periodically check your CAPS page to monitor the Admission Status Link (not the external button). Once the course is officially offered, you will be able to view and accept it on this page as well.
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By following these steps, you can easily accept the newly offered course on your transfer admission.


  1. Do I Need to Perform a Change of Course for the Newly Offered Course?

Once you have accepted the new course through the Transfer Approval process, it is essential to wait for the school and course to be displayed under the Admission Status Link.

However, it is highly recommended to also complete a JAMB change of course to the newly offered course. This is the only way to ensure that JAMB recognizes your new course in the admission status. Moreover, it expedites the process of receiving the final confirmation for the new course.


Transferring from one institution to another can be a challenging process, but with the right information and guidance, it can be a smooth transition. After accepting transfer approval on JAMB CAPS, the student needs to confirm acceptance, contact the new institution, obtain a transfer letter, register at the new institution, verify their admission status on JAMB CAPS, and print their admission letter. By following these steps, the student can successfully transfer to a new institution and continue their academic journey.

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