Is It JAMB Or School That Gives Admission?

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Do you remember the days when admission into secondary school was decided by a simple test that most students could easily answer? That’s no longer the case, as now there are different types of entrance exams that students have to take in order to gain admittance into some of Nigeria’s top Universities.

Is It JAMB Or School That Gives Admission?

Is It JAMB Or School That Gives Admission?

There is much confusion over which institution – JAMB or the school – gives admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This confusion arises from a lack of clarity on the respective roles of the two institutions.

JAMB is a testing body that conducts and regulates the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for prospective candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria and other countries.

The UTME is one of the most important examinations in the academic calendar of every Nigerian school as it determines whether or not one can be admitted into any tertiary institution of his or her choice.

Many students often ask if this examination is only conducted by JAMB or is it conducted by the school they intend to apply for admission into?

JAMB’s role as an examination body is to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents. This is done through the conduct of entrance examinations such as UTME, JAMB Direct Entry, Post UTME and others. These examinations are conducted at various centers across the country and candidates are expected to gain admission into any institution of their choice after obtaining scores from these examinations.

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On the other hand, schools are responsible for admitting candidates who have qualified for admission through their various methods which may include post-UTME or direct entry.

Can I be offered admission on Jamb Without School?

The thing is, if you are admitted on your Jamb caps then you should find your name in your school of choice admission list in no time. Admission on Jamb is often dependent on the list supplied by your school of choice to Jamb portal.

How long does it take to accept or reject admission on Jamb Caps?

Students are advised to regularly check their Admission status on Jamb because accepting or refusing admission typically takes 2 to 3 days.

How Do I know If Jamb Has Given me Admission?

By checking your Jamb admittance Status on Jamb Caps, you can determine whether or not you have been admitted by the Jamb. To access Jamb Caps, simply log in at

Enter the proper login information, then click the “Check Admission Status” button.

How Will I know If School Has Given Me Admission?

Visit the student portal for the school of your choosing to check admission; all schools (universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education) have a portal where students can check their admission. Determine that your admittance can be verified with TADA and your school.

Does JAMB admission guarantee school admission?

Yes, because they both function together, once your admission status on Jamb CAPs changes from admission in progress to admitted, you can be sure that the same will appear on the portal for the school of your choice.

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What do I do if JAMB has not given me admission?

Really, all you can do is wait and hold out hope that everything will work out.

New names would eventually be added, and your name might be on that list.

Who gives admission first JAMB or the school?

Your chosen institution will construct a list of students who are eligible to enroll in the various courses they have to offer and send it to Jamb for publication on her Jamb CAPS site.

Due to this, you may say that the school grants admission before the jamb publishes the names of students who have already been granted admission.

Can JAMB give admission with awaiting result?

NO, admission will not be granted to students who have not yet uploaded their O’ level results to the Jamb Caps Portal.

This is the case because Jamb wants to make sure that only students who are absolutely qualified for admission get admitted.


No student can be admitted by JAMB without the school’s approval. In a same vein, no school is permitted to admit a candidate until JAMB confirms and approves that the applicant has complied with the standards.

Together, the two organizations—School and Jamb—work to guarantee that admittance is determined by merit and other predetermined standards.

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