Canada Jobs Without a University Degree: 10 High Paying Jobs

Searching for Canada Jobs Without a University Degree?

If you’re looking for a job in Canada but don’t have a university degree, you’ll be happy to know that plenty of jobs are available. Over 50% of Canadians have a post-secondary education. So if you don’t have a degree, it doesn’t mean you can’t find work!

Canada Jobs Without a University Degree: 10 High Paying Jobs

Finding a job in Canada can be difficult if you don’t have a university degree. However, there are still many high-paying jobs without a degree that you can apply for.

With no formal education required, these positions are perfect for people who aren’t interested in returning to school and getting an official degree in hospitality management or something similar.

Canada Jobs Without a University Degree: 10 High Paying Jobs

Here are 10 high-paying jobs you can get in Canada without a degree:

  1. A Customer Service Representative
  2. Welder
  3. Driving
  4. Construction
  5. Agriculture: farming, animal husbandry, and livestock production
  6. Healthcare
  7. Hospitality
  8. Internet Businesses
  9. Tech Support
  10. Retail workers/shopkeepers

Customer Service Representative

The average salary for customer service representatives in Canada is $60,000 annually. This may be your job if you have excellent communication skills and can solve problems quickly. You will be required to answer phone calls and emails from customers and help them solve any issues they may have with their products or services. This could include anything from booking flights and hotels to solving technical problems with their smartphones.


Welders join metal objects using high-temperature processes like MIG welding or TIG welding, among others. This process uses an electric arc to fuse two pieces of metal together into one object. Welders typically work on large machinery such as ships or airplanes, but they also work on smaller items like cars or bicycles.


Driving jobs are available to people with or without a degree. The only requirement you need is a driver’s license. A driver’s license can be earned by taking classes at any driving school.

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If you have a good driving record and can pass a background check, you may be able to get work as a delivery driver or taxi driver. You’ll need to learn local laws and regulations, but once you have that under your belt, you can make $20/hour or more as an independent contractor.


Construction workers are in high demand across Canada, especially in Alberta, where the oil industry has been booming. You only need strong physical strength to do this job well — no formal education is required! You can find construction jobs in any area of Canada, but Alberta currently has the highest demand.

Many construction companies hire workers without requiring them to have any specific training or education beyond high school. They usually provide on-the-job training for new hires and offer opportunities for advancement based on skill level and performance.

Agriculture: farming, animal husbandry, and livestock production

Farming is one of the oldest and most important occupations on earth. There are many different types of farms, ranging from large-scale operations with hundreds of employees to small family farms that rely on the owner’s labor. Farmers can also be involved with animal husbandry and livestock production.

It’s important to note that agriculture is a dangerous occupation, with high rates of injury and death associated with farming activities. The agriculture industry has taken steps to reduce these risks by using safety equipment and better training for workers. Still, injuries often occur enough that it’s worth considering whether this is your career before signing up.


Healthcare workers also don’t need university degrees because they learn their skills on the job through training programs offered by hospitals or other healthcare organizations.

These programs usually take two years but can last up to four years, depending on the program chosen by each student. Some examples of health care jobs include medical assistants (who help doctors during exams) and nurses (who give patients shots).

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Hospitality workers help guests feel welcome and comfortable in hotels or restaurants. They may provide meal service and housekeeping for guests’ rooms and common areas and ensure that hotel facilities are clean and safe for guests and employees. Hospitality workers may also offer guests information about local attractions and services.

Tourism and travel jobs are currently in high demand across Canada. With so many people traveling, hotels and restaurants are looking for new employees who can help them keep up with demand.

Internet Businesses

Internet businesses are booming right now because of their huge potential reach to their owners — one website can be seen worldwide! If you have an idea for an online business, it’s worth exploring it before deciding whether it’s viable enough to pursue full-time employment opportunities.

Tech Support

If you’re tech-savvy, this can be an excellent option. In many cases, these jobs require only a high school diploma or equivalent. You will need to be able to troubleshoot technical problems with computers and other devices.

This could be an amazing career choice if you’re good at this kind of work and have good customer service skills! There are plenty of opportunities within the field of tech support, so search around and find one that matches your interests and goals!

Retail workers/shopkeepers

While many retailers require at least a high school diploma or equivalent, many others will hire people without formal education if they have experience working with customers or dealing with money.

You don’t necessarily need to know how to read or write or even speak English or French fluently — just having experience dealing with customers and making changes will help you land a job as a shopkeeper or retail worker.

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If you don’t have a degree, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to land a well-paying job in Canada; it just means you’ll have to look for jobs requiring less formal education. Check out the list above to find a few options suited to your goals and interests; with a little research and hard work, you might just land your dream job!

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