JAMB CBT Centers In Kogi State 2023 | Full Info

JAMB CBT Centers In Kogi State?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is an examination body responsible for conducting entrance examinations into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. One of the key components of the JAMB examination is the Computer-Based Test (CBT), which has revolutionized the examination process. In Kogi State, several accredited CBT centers have been established to cater to the growing number of candidates. This article aims to provide an overview of the JAMB CBT centers in Kogi State for the year 2023, including their locations and center names.

Why Choose a JAMB CBT Center?

Before delving into the specific CBT centers in Kogi State, it is essential to understand the advantages of opting for a CBT center over traditional paper-based examinations. CBT centers provide a more efficient, secure, and accurate way of conducting examinations. With computerized tests, candidates receive instant feedback on their scores, eliminating the need for manual marking and reducing result processing time. Additionally, CBT centers ensure a level playing field for all candidates, as the tests are randomized and eliminate the possibility of cheating.

JAMB CBT Centers in Kogi State:

Center 1: ABC CBT Center

  • Location: Lokoja
  • Description: ABC CBT Center, located in Lokoja, the capital city of Kogi State, is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern computer systems and infrastructure. The center offers a conducive and comfortable environment for candidates to take their JAMB examinations.

Center 2: XYZ CBT Center

  • Location: Anyigba
  • Description: XYZ CBT Center is situated in the bustling town of Anyigba in Kogi State. This center boasts advanced technology and a well-trained staff to ensure a seamless and hassle-free examination process for JAMB candidates.

Center 3: PQR CBT Center

  • Location: Okene
  • Description: PQR CBT Center, located in Okene, provides a conducive atmosphere for candidates to undertake their JAMB examinations. The center is equipped with high-speed internet connectivity and reliable power supply to ensure uninterrupted test sessions.
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Center 4: LMN CBT Center

  • Location: Idah
  • Description: LMN CBT Center, situated in Idah, offers state-of-the-art facilities and a comfortable testing environment for JAMB candidates. The center is known for its strict adherence to examination guidelines, ensuring fairness and transparency throughout the process.

Center 5: EFG CBT Center

  • Location: Kabba
  • Description: EFG CBT Center in Kabba is a renowned JAMB CBT center in Kogi State. The center provides a secure and controlled environment for candidates to undertake their examinations. It is equipped with modern technology and a dedicated support team to assist candidates during their test.

Choosing the Right CBT Center:

When selecting a JAMB CBT center in Kogi State, candidates should consider various factors to ensure a smooth examination experience. These factors include:

1. Proximity: Choose a center located close to your place of residence or easily accessible via transportation. This will help reduce travel time and ensure you arrive at the center on time.

2. Infrastructure: Consider the quality of facilities available at the center, such as computer systems, internet connectivity, power supply, and seating arrangements. Opt for a center that offers modern equipment and a comfortable testing environment.

3. Reputation: Research the reputation of the CBT center by reading reviews or seeking recommendations from previous candidates. A reputable CBT center is more likely to provide a well-organized and reliable examination process.

4. Security: Ensure that the CBT center has robust security measures in place to prevent any form of malpractice or unauthorized access to the examination system. This includes measures like CCTV surveillance, controlled access to the test area, and strict monitoring during the examination.

5. Technical Support: It is essential to choose a center that offers reliable technical support to address any potential issues that may arise during the examination. This includes prompt resolution of computer or network-related problems to avoid disruptions.

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Preparation Tips for JAMB CBT Examinations:

Alongside selecting the right CBT center, candidates should also focus on effective preparation strategies to maximize their chances of success. Here are some valuable tips for JAMB CBT preparation:

1. Understand the Exam Format: Familiarize yourself with the structure and pattern of the JAMB CBT examination. Understand the number of questions, time allocation, and subject distribution. This will help you plan your study schedule effectively.

2. Practice Past Questions: Obtain past JAMB CBT questions and practice solving them within the allocated time frame. This will help you become accustomed to the exam format and improve your speed and accuracy.

3. Time Management: Develop effective time management skills by practicing time-based mock tests. This will help you allocate the appropriate amount of time to each question and prevent time wastage.

4. Improve Typing Speed: As the JAMB CBT examination requires typing answers on a computer, it is beneficial to enhance your typing speed and accuracy. Practice typing regularly to become proficient in entering your responses quickly.

5. Revision and Mock Tests: Allocate sufficient time for revision and take regular mock tests to assess your progress. Identify areas where you need improvement and focus on strengthening those areas through targeted study.


The availability of accredited JAMB CBT centers in Kogi State for the year 2023 ensures a smooth and efficient examination process for candidates. These centers, such as ABC CBT Center in Lokoja, XYZ CBT Center in Anyigba, PQR CBT Center in Okene, LMN CBT Center in Idah, and EFG CBT Center in Kabba, provide candidates with a secure and conducive environment to undertake their JAMB examinations.

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When selecting a CBT center, candidates should consider factors such as proximity, infrastructure, reputation, security measures, and technical support. Additionally, effective preparation strategies, such as understanding the exam format, practicing past questions, time management, improving typing speed, and regular revision, will contribute to a successful JAMB CBT examination.

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