How To Change Your WAEC Date Of Birth

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Before visiting the WAEC state office, you must provide an official letter seeking a change of name or date of birth. Remember that for your application to be approved, it must be in the form of an official letter written to the WAEC State Office.


The method for changing your WAEC date of birth is writing to the council and paying fees.

In addition to paying the needed fee, you must also produce documentation of your new age so that they can confirm it. You may accomplish this by presenting documents like your birth certificate or passport.


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Once they have received all of the necessary papers, they will process them and you should get confirmation within 10 working days of submitting your application.

The following are the most essential considerations when revising your date of birth in your WAEC result:

  • Birth Certificate

When you submit your request, a WAEC official must review your valid birth certificate. The importance of your birth certificate in altering your WAEC date of birth cannot be overstated, since it contains your genuine name, date of birth, place of birth, and origin.

As a result, it is considered a necessary document for altering your name, marital status, birthplace, and other information. It is necessary because without it, one cannot operate. In fact, kids will often want it straight immediately.

  • Administrative/Processing Cost: N10,000

If you want to alter your name or date of birth, you must pay an administrative cost of 10,000 naira. Don’t be concerned; changing your name and birthday just costs a single fee. Any bank would suffice; however, the best banks to utilize are First Bank of Nigeria, Guarantee Trust Bank, Access Bank, and Zenith Bank. The price includes any administrative fees incurred throughout the procedure, as well as all logistical costs associated with processing the required changes to your certificate.

  • A Letter of Application

Before visiting the WAEC state office, you must first write an official letter to WAEC seeking a change of name or date of birth (whichever applies).

  • An affidavit
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You’ll need this since it’s a sworn declaration/statement/testimony written by a person and signed by the federal supreme court.

It implies that any rationale you provide for altering your date of birth (DOB), name, or other information is valid, and that you may face legal consequences if any information is discovered to be inconsistent with the affidavit.

An affidavit is a legal document that may be obtained from any state high court and used in conjunction with other papers when requesting a change or correction to information on your WAEC certificate.

  • Photocopies of the Original Registration Form

This is only a photocopy of the WAEC exam registration form that you used to enroll. These photocopies, which include the critical information entered at your first registration, are required for making changes to the data on your WAEC certificate. If your name, date of birth, or any other information on your WAEC certificate changes, you will need to provide a photocopy of this document as part of the procedure.

  • Six copies of the passport photographs

While visiting the WAEC state office, you should include a red background photograph in your documentation since it will be required to modify the information on your WAEC certificate. In a perfect world, WAEC would request that you bring the passport you used to register for WAEC. If the photograph you used to register for WAEC online is missing, another one will suffice. The certificate that has to be amended should then be submitted. If at all feasible, get your original WAEC certificate.

How to Change Your WAEC Date of Birth.

The procedures for amending the date of birth on your WAEC certificate are as follows:

  • Send an official letter to WAEC requesting a change of Date of Birth. A formal letter is necessary; else, your application will be refused.
  • Visit the WAEC state office closest to you.
  • Inform any staff member that you wish to fix an error on your WAEC certificate.
  • Send them an application letter, your original birth certificate, an affidavit, your WAEC certificate, a passport photo, and a payment of just 10,000 naira.
  • Your application will be reviewed after it has been submitted.
  • Changes to name, birthday, or other details would be granted following the WAEC due procedure.
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You will be prompted to return later to obtain the most recent results.


For School Candidates:

Changing your name or date of birth is not the same as for private candidates. Even while it appears to be easier, it typically costs more money. Payment amounts may vary depending on the institution’s current policy. To alter your birthday, you must do the following steps:

  • The application documents must be delivered to the principal of the applicant’s school.
  • Visit the institution where the WAEC test was administered.
  • If there was an error in your WAEC result, please notify your school’s administration so that they can assist you in correcting it.
  • Meet all prerequisites given at the beginning of this post.
  • The principal of the school may request you to pay a fee. You only need to pay the needed amount, and you’re done.

What Are the Consequences of Not Changing Your Birth Date?

You may be thinking, “Do I have to change my inaccurate date of birth?” It’s crucial to note that placing an incorrect date of birth on any of your certificates may render them invalid or worthless.

For example, if the date of birth on your birth certificate and your WAEC certificate do not match, you will be denied admission to any local or overseas university that requires a WAEC certificate.

The date of birth provided on your certificate must be correct. They must also follow the same sequence, which is vital. As you can see, there is a considerable risk of making a mistake if you are not vigilant.


Can I change my Waec result’s birth date?

WAEC cannot modify your date of birth once the results are released.

How Do I Update My Date of Birth for NYSC in Waec?

Update of Birthdate on the NYSC Portal Log into your dashboard at and pick the Date of Birth option. Enter your exam number, WAEC verification pin, WAEC type, and exam year. Select the Verify button and click. Click CANCEL or SUBMIT.

Can I Verify My WAEC Results Without Using A Scratch Card?

You may do the following to check your WAEC score without buying a scratch card: Visit a Guaranty Trust Bank location. Select a teller. Before completing the payment, fill out the required information, such as the account name, account number, amount, and depositor’s name (which should be the WAEC Examination number).

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Is it forbidden to change your birth date?

To put it briefly: you cannot change your birth date. Your birth certificate includes the date you were born and acts as identifying documents. Changing your birth date on official papers may be considered fraud.

Can my UTME Subjects be Changed?

Consider switching subjects before the UTME. You may utilize any nearby facility for topic adjustments, but only the CBT and JAMB offices have that power (there is no need to return to where you enrolled).


When it comes to date of birth, consistency is key. If you alter your date of birth, make sure to update it everywhere.

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