Careers For History Majors in 2023 [15 Interesting Career Options]

Searching for Careers For History Majors?

History majors are often stereotyped as individuals who love to read and write, are passionate about history and cultures, but may not have the job prospects that other majors might have. However, this is not necessarily the case. History majors have a wide range of skills that are in demand in a variety of fields. They can work in museums, archives, education, law, government, and even technology. In this article, we will explore 15 interesting career options for history majors in 2023, and how they can leverage their skills to succeed in the job market.

Careers For History Majors

1. Archivist

Archivists are responsible for collecting, organizing, and preserving historical documents and artifacts. They work in museums, libraries, and government agencies, and are essential for maintaining historical records. History majors with excellent organizational and research skills are well-suited for this profession.

2. Museum

Curator Museum curators are responsible for managing and preserving artifacts, works of art, and other items of historical significance. They often work in museums, art galleries, and historical societies. History majors with a passion for art, culture, and history can excel in this field.

3. Historical Preservationist

Historical preservationists work to preserve historical landmarks, buildings, and other structures. They are responsible for maintaining and restoring historical buildings and structures, and ensuring that they remain structurally sound while preserving their historical significance. History majors with an interest in architecture and design may find this career path rewarding.

4. Historical Tour Guide

Historical tour guides are responsible for leading tours of historical sites and landmarks. They provide information about the historical significance of each site and answer questions from visitors. History majors with excellent public speaking and communication skills can excel in this profession.

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5. Historical Writer

Historical writers research and write about historical events, people, and cultures. They may write books, articles, or blogs about historical topics. History majors with strong research and writing skills can succeed in this field.

6. Educator

History majors can pursue a career in education and become teachers or professors. They can teach history at the elementary, secondary, or post-secondary level. History majors who are passionate about teaching and have excellent communication skills can excel in this profession.

7. Historian

Historians research and analyze historical events, people, and cultures. They write books, articles, or reports about historical topics and may work in academia, government, or private industry. History majors with excellent research and analytical skills can succeed in this profession.

8. Archival Manager

Archival managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of an archive. They manage staff, maintain records, and ensure that the archive is organized and accessible to researchers. History majors with strong organizational and management skills can excel in this profession.

9. Genealogist

Genealogists research and trace family histories and genealogies. They use historical records, such as census data, birth and death certificates, and marriage licenses, to create a family tree. History majors with a passion for genealogy and strong research skills can succeed in this field.

10. Law

History majors can also pursue a career in law. The study of history provides a strong foundation for understanding legal systems and interpreting legal documents. History majors who go on to law school can specialize in areas such as intellectual property law, environmental law, or international law.

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11. Public Historian

Public historians work to make history accessible to the public. They work in museums, historical sites, and government agencies, and may be responsible for creating exhibits, managing programs, or conducting research. History majors with a passion for making history relevant to the public can excel in this profession.

12. Archival Consultant

Archival consultants provide advice and guidance to organizations and individuals on how to manage their historical records and artifacts. They may help businesses to establish archives or assist in the development of historical exhibits. History majors with strong communication skills and a keen eye for detail can excel in this field.

13. Policy Analyst

Policy analysts work in government and non-profit organizations to research and develop policies that address social, economic, and political issues. History majors with a strong background in research, critical thinking, and writing can excel in this field.

14. Digital Historian

Digital historians use technology to create and analyze historical data. They may use digital tools to organize and analyze historical records, or develop digital exhibits and educational programs. History majors with an interest in technology and strong analytical skills can excel in this profession.

15. Tour Coordinator

Tour coordinators plan and coordinate tours for groups of people. They may work for tour companies, museums, or historical sites. History majors with strong organizational and communication skills can succeed in this field.


History majors have a diverse range of career options available to them in 2023. They can work in fields such as archiving, education, law, government, technology, and more. The skills that history majors develop, including research, critical thinking, writing, and communication, are highly valued in many industries. By leveraging their skills and passions, history majors can find rewarding careers in fields that align with their interests and goals.

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